Tragic Love

16. června 2012 v 19:08 | DaGa |  Poviedky
Warning: MY GRAMMAR!!!! IT´S DA SHIT AYOOOO WASUUUUP.....ghost, vampies, murders and shits like this (no more shaking like that xD), teacher x student relationship (enjoy the woohyuns mayo xDDDD), SungJong bitch VIRGIN BITCH (like a boss), stupid Dongwoo, Horny HoYa, Creepy SungYeol and ČALADO MYUNGSOO xDDDDDDD
Pairings: MyungJong (onesided), YaDong, WooGyu(firstly onesided), WooStal (WooHyun x Krystal from F(x)), MyungYeol
Genre: romance, angst, tragic, psychological, horror
Raiting: PG 17
Lenght: Chaptered

It was bright sunny day and everyone went to school with a good cheer. Oh, not everyone… Kim MyungSoo not.

MyungSoo was impersonation of bad mood. He was always grumpy, brash, cocky, arrogant, and smug and so on. Girls were obsessed with his looks and attitude and boys respected him. It was granted that he became school jock. He alternated between girlfriends and boyfriends, one after another they ended with broken hearts. His most favourized was virgins. It was weird but that which was inquisitive ended dead or missing. It's pretty stupid but after the first case, when one boy, ByungHee was victim of MyungSoo's devirginizing it started to be legend. Heartbroken and confused he mixed in MyungSoo´s next relationship. Week later they found him near Han River with bloody razor in hand and cut wrist. Officially it was suicide but later they found new evidences that signified that it was murder. The first suspect was naturally MyungSoo but none of those fingerprints was his. After 2 months of investigating they labeled it as discarded case. Girls with they pea sized brains fantasized that MyungSoo is some kind of mystical creature usually a vampire or a werewolf. When MyungSoo heard about it he only smirked and walked away, like always.

But one Monday morning something happened, something that changed fate of everyone who knew him or interacted with him.

´Heeeeeey L! ´ I called on student who was standing near the notice board. Said ´L´ turned over and smirked when he saw me. ´How can I help you? ´ He smiled too sweetly.
I proudly raised my chest but secretly was blushing like mad. ´L, do you want to go on lunch with me? ´ I quickly said and looked on the floor. L was quiet and I felt like dieing. After while, which by the way for me was forever, he said no. Freaking NO! Astonishment, shame, frustration and this sick revolted feeling that was how I felt. Like a garbage. I wanted to die and L was standing there like bitch! Bitch with fucking handsome face!

´Heeeeeeeeey Joongie! ´ echoed someone's voice. I turned around and was tackled down. It was HoWon or better known as HoYa. He's one of few who had nothing with L. It's because he have boyfriend named DongWoo whose face looks like dinosaur, but don't tell HoYa I said that or he will kill me. ´Joongie when you meet DongWoo tell him I have a lesson! ´ He jelled to my face and started running to the gym. I'm jealous. I want boyfriend too, but not anyone. I want Kim MyungSoo nicknamed L. L for lust, love, lie, like, loathe, lo…
´Loser´ echoed behind me. I swung round and lost all words I wanted to say. ´Who the hell had the guts call my MyungSoo loser? ´. But then I realized that I was praising him in my head. FUCK! He's a mind reader! I wanted to scold him but when I looked at him I was mute, He smiled and winked at me. OMG he's gorgeous! I never saw such a beauty... ehm after me~
´W-who are you? ´ I asked with very timid voice. ´Is this even me?!´ I thought to myself. ´You don't have to know but I'm warning you! Look out before L! ´ ´I never saw you before here! You are not even from this school! How come you know MyungSoo? ´ I started to raise my voice. He only smiled with his calm attitude and once again he warned me about MyungSoo.

´Hey SungJong! ´ screamed DongWoo from the other end of the hall. I turned at him and waved him over. When I looked back at the mysterious boy he was already walking away. ´Hmm interesting, very interesting… ´

´Hey SungJong! ´ I shouted on Joongie. Oh em Gee, why am I so short? Where is that boy? I was really confused when I saw waving hand, SungJong´ s hand. How I know that is SungJong´s hand? Oh please, tell me who has pink nails with bracelets like a clown. I think I'm going to puke... probably rainbow. I was so engrossed with my thoughts that only when I was a small distance away from SungJong I saw beautiful boy, like really beautiful you know, really beautiful. But by the time I was next to SungJong he already went somewhere. ´Who was that? ´ I asked SungJong but he was still standing there like a statue with gaping mouth and no words. ´Okay this is really weird, SungJong with no words? I think I'm dreaming´ after like 3 minutes I gave him slap and he woke up from his trance. ´Hey dude are you OK? ´ I asked him and looked to his eyes but the boy was out of it. With his glazed eyes and stoned face he started to walk away and was whispering ´Kim MyungSoo is pure evilness! ´ OMFG seriously dude I'm freaking out there. SungJong calling L evil is a big job. I'm going to find HoYa he's SungJong´s best friend he would know something.


´Seriously is this even possible? Such boring lesson... I don't even know what I'm doing here. Where's my Dongie? OMG I seriously need some help´ I thought to myself when I looked on my hard on. ´Way to go HoYa~ ´ my seatmate WooHyun started to laugh. ´Shut up man! Like you're something better! ´ I pointed on the big white stains on his shirt and pants. ´You know it's not my fault she was this messy, that bitch! ´ He glared on the first seat where was sitting his girlfriend Krystal. ´That's the reason I'm gay bro´ I laid my head on the desk and smirked at him. ´Is it good? ´ He asked me while still looking at the front. ´What do you mean? Like seriously dude your questions are pretty creepy´
´You know being gay´ he gave me his popular Namgreasy smile. ´Like hells its good… it's fantastic! You don't have annoying girl on your arm 24/7 asking you pointless questions. You don't have to worry that you will knock up him and after all he's guy so he is on one way with you. ´ ´I see… ´ he only said and looked at the front.
´Why is he still looking at the front? Is he looking at Krystal...? …NO… OMGSUN! He's looking at professor Kim… don't tell me that he… ?@t.:;,!SZKLF … WTF!!!
´ARE YOU INSANE?!´ I shouted at him. Right now everybody is looking at us! FUCK!
´What are you doing HoYa do you want detention for us? ´ WooHyun was frantically looking between us and Professor Kim. ´Namstar like really? Professor Kim?! I know that he's young, hot, have this chocolate abs (don't ask me how I know about this… okay once he stood in for Professor KangIn at PE he was doing handstand and his shirt rolled up… and you know nose bleeds, hard on and things like these…) and this cute chubby cheeks…´ ´STOP! ´ shouted WooHyun, right now he's blushing like lovesick high school girl. ´CUTE´ I thought to myself.

´Guys why are you shouting at the whole class? Is it something serious? ´ ´Oh fuck professor Kim is standing before our desk´ ´This is not good… ´ WooHyun is looking at him like a lovesick puppy with this big red hue on his cheeks and absolutely out of breath… and me?... I'm looking at WooHyun striving to hide my grin. ´Hallo boys I'm talking with you two! Lee HoWon and Nam WooHyun! ´ When he said WooHyun´s name he started to melt on pile of goo… how sickeningly sweet~

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1 Reita Reita | Web | 2. listopadu 2012 v 17:18 | Reagovat

bože perčo je to v angličtie T_T ja sa zabujem :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nie je to aj v SK ale v češtine ???

2 Reita Reita | Web | 2. listopadu 2012 v 17:21 | Reagovat

NO v ten ankete máš chibu nieje to DBSG ale DBSK XD

3 Reita Reita | Web | 2. listopadu 2012 v 17:21 | Reagovat

a beriem Takumiho XD

4 DaGa DaGa | 18. listopadu 2012 v 13:00 | Reagovat

ja viem že je to dbsk ale original korejsky sa volaju DBSG ^^ i ked väčšina ich pozná ako DBSK

5 BenyJ BenyJ | E-mail | 16. ledna 2017 v 16:49 | Reagovat

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